St. Therese de Lisieux CCW

WHO WE ARE: When you join us, you automatically become a member of the Central Deanery Council of Catholic Women and the Palm Beach Diocesan Council of Catholic Women.  The Palm Beach Diocesan Council of Catholic Women has three Deanery divisions: Northern, Central, and Southern, who serve 55 affiliations.

MEMBERSHIP: All women of Catholic faith are eligible for membership.  We invite all women who share our vision and values to become members.

HOW WE WORK – SPIRITUALITY:  To create a community of people who are rooted in and share common beliefs and worship.

SERVICE:  To address and successfully answer the needs of people in our family, our neighborhoods, and our world through specific action.

LEADERSHIP:  To develop the membership by rendering support, empowerment, and education to create a stronger council structure.

LEGISLATION:  To continue to be credible in expression of common beliefs concerning human rights and social jsutice as these issues relate to our gospel values.

OUR PURPOSE:  To coordinate the spiritual and corporal efforts of the Council and promote a variety of programs, projects, and information of interest to women in Council.