Baptism Preparation

A program offered to parents and godparents who request Baptism for their child who will witness and support a child in their faith journey. (Parents can attend the class before the birth of their child.) This class is offered about every 6 to 8 weeks on a Saturday morning.  The next class is not yet scheduled.  There is a $50 fee for this class and it must be paid in advance.


I would like to have my child baptized. What do I do first?
You, your spouse & the godparents must take the Baptism Prep class. Our classes are held every 6 to 8 weeks. Please contact our office regarding our class fee and to register for the class.

Do I have to take the class at St. Therese? What if I cannot make that date?
You can take the class at any Catholic Church. Many are offered throughout the diocese. Once you have taken the class, you must bring the form stating you have taken the class to Julie Carter at St. Therese.

Can I bring my child to the class?
Please remember that this is a 3 hour class and that it is very difficult for a child to be quiet for that long. Crying children can be very disruptive in the classroom so please make every effort to get a babysitter. Newborns are a little easier as they do sleep alot so that would not be as much of a problem. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Do the godparents have to be Catholic?
Yes, at least one must be a registered, practicing Catholic. We will need a form from their church stating that they are eligible to act as godparents for your child. The form must have their church seal on it. If the other godparent is not Catholic, they must be a baptized Christian. They will be listed as a Christian witness on the certificate.

Note: One godparent must be at least 16 yrs. old & a practicing member of the Catholic Church who has received the sacraments of both Baptism & Confirmation.

Does my spouse have to be Catholic?

No, that is not necessary, but both parents have to sign the registration form for the child being baptized.

When can I register for the class?

You can email Maria at

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Maria Pickford, or 561-784-0689