Parish Ministries

40 Days Ministry:  Valerie Mierzwa 561-214-2487

Altar Servers:  Louis Giannone 561-784-0689

Baptism Prep.:  Deacon Bob  561-784-0689

Bereavement:  Deacon Al 561-784-0689

Bereavement:  Brenda Rosario 561-784-0689

Boy Scouts:  Jim Anzalone 561-876-6476

CCW:  Barbara Salemme 561-784-0689

Charismatic:  Larry Krauss 561-307-6516

Cursillo Movement:  Mary Anne Gioia 561-784-0689

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:  Vincent Muller 561-784-0689

Finance Committee:  Father Downey 561-784-0689

Knights of Columbus:  Stephen Collins 561-784-0689

Lectors:  Vinnie Muller 561-784-0689

Legion Of Mary:  Jill Kozol 561-629-5200

Ministry Counsel:  Deacon Pete 561-784-0689

Music Coordinator:  Deacon Pete 561-784-0689

Respect Life:  Valerie Mierzwa 561-214-2487

R.C.I.A.:  Deacon Pete 561-784-0689

St. Vincent de Paul:  Mark Stephens 561-784-0689

Ushers:  Betty Buglio 561-301-3414

Young Adults:  Veronica Metzler 954-636-9438

Youth and Young Adults Formation:  Meagan Milstead 561-784-0689

If you are interested in any of these ministries, please contact the numbers above, or the front office at 784-0689.