Vacation Bible School Volunteers


Vacation Bible School Volunteer Page 

Interested in volunteering for Vacation Bible School?  Here is how you can help get involved:

Station Leaders:

Station Leaders are adults that are at least 18 years old (high school graduates only) who are in charge of running each station.  Each station is already planned out and has a script to guide you through each lesson for the day.  We need at least two fingerprinted adults in each of the following stations to meet the Diocese’s minimum requirements for the safety of our children:

  • Imagination Station (Crafts)
  • KidVid Cinema Station (Kids watch a short clip and have small group discussion)
  • Sports/Games (Outside station for games, involves water on some days)
  • Bible Discovery Station (Kids discover the Bible Scripture by “experiencing” it for themselves)
  • Snack Station

If you are an adult that is at least 18 years old, you must be fingerprinted and attend a Protecting God’s Children Workshop prior to participating in any activities with the children.   Please contact the Faith Formation office if you are interested in volunteering and need to complete these requirements.

Crew Leaders:

Crew Leaders are teens that are in High School who are in charge of a group of 5 children along with another teen.  Throughout the day, you will travel with your Crew to each station and participate in the activities with them.  As a Crew Leader, you will also be responsible for other tasks throughout the week such as helping clean up, setting up in the morning, etc.  Community service hours will be given to those who bring their paperwork.  We do not provide letters or credit hours to anybody unless they are requested by the student.  We need Crew Leaders for the following Grade Levels: Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Please remember that as a volunteer, you are dedicating your time to the Church.  We will do our best to accommodate your requested Grade Level, but do not be upset if your placement is changed.  You will be placed where help is most needed.  Additionally, you are committing to come to ALL required meetings, as well as each day of the program (Monday-Friday).  This includes arriving on time in the morning and leaving after 1:30 pm.  

General Information

All volunteers are needed from 7:30 am – 1:30 pm.  We will be having a Teen Meeting prior to the start of Vacation Bible School on a selected Saturday morning.  This meeting is only 1 hour and reviews important information that you will need to know for the week.  We will be having an Adult Meeting prior to the beginning of Vacation Bible School as well for all of the Station Leaders.  If you are unable to attend, please make you communicate with the Catechetical Leader.

On the weekend before Vacation Bible School starts, we will be here all day, starting at 10:00 am, to decorate the Church for the week of VBS.  Teens are required to come at least one of these days.  There is no minimum to how long you must stay, it is up to you how many hours you would like to earn for school.  The more help we have, the easier it will be to finish decorating.  If you are able to come on both days, please do!


Thank you in advance to all of our wonderful volunteers for the time you are devoting out of your summer to make this week a special one for the kids!